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RPM reading on Pscan 9 months 2 weeks ago #202230

I ordered one of those boards earlier to play with when I get home, I’ve several reclaimed batteries to have a go at. I think it’s a poor do when you can buy a plastic fag & discard the only part of value & these are bought by folk who claim to be part of the Thunberg movement. Mind you if it gives me a source of power for all sort of bits then I’m happy & I’ve only had one blow up on the bench, not exactly Dior. It’s all good stuff isn’t it!

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RPM reading on Pscan 9 months 2 weeks ago #202240

Hi during the timing verifying that i did. I did verify down on the pistons with 2 skue divers same length all four cylinders same height and marking on the crankshaft pulley and the camshaft points did line up. I will verify on valves.

When you say “all 4 cylinders the same height “ do you mean the timing marks on the pulley line up when all 4 pistons are 1/2 way within the bore as the timing makes line up?
Then if so your harmonic balancer is buggered!

Or do you mean when #1 piston is all the way up to the top of it’s stroke when the timing marks on the pulley align?
In which case we can forget about the harmonic balancer.
At TDC #1, does the distributor rotor arm point at where #1 plug lead is on the distributor cap?
If not reposition the plug leads so that the rotor arm lines up with #1 and obviously move the other leads around according to the firing order.

Btw did #2 spark improve once the cap, rotor and plug leads were replaced?
"Keep calm, relax, focus on the problem & PULL THE BLOODY TRIGGER"

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RPM reading on Pscan 9 months 2 weeks ago #202314

Hi sorry for late reply I have had to do other thing the MGF did not get first place I did get sparks on all four cylinders but it has smaller then before not bigger. I have ordered a new coil know. But after the new system it is know about 3 weeks to get a part from UK to Norway were there is now a 7 to 10 day delay in custom's. Therefor I tried to get the parts from an EU country. Not so smart the order was ok the money taken then the delivery date changed with 6 weeks. Canceling this order and set a new one well not so good no new part as of now. So my plan is cam cover off spinn engine verify valves closed. Verify TDO on the piston and se if the balancer with its mark toward the crankshaft is correct or not.
Then verify the rotor location toware point for cylinder 1 one the cap.

I plan to put the engine in 1 cynder 10 degree before TDO valves closed further to modify the rotor round inside and ad tap to the rotor bushing and press the modified rotor on the direct location in the cap no 1 cylinder.
Close up the system and try for engine start. This is the plan now but cant be done before the 23 of May.This is As of now. ANY input that I can use to help me out?

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RPM reading on Pscan 9 months 5 days ago #202396

Hi to all Engine is running...!!! As I after a along time got a new coil into the system the sparkes became better but not by mush. However the car is running and yes the balancer on the crankshaft is wrong. The gentleman was right about that new is on order from Rimmer Brothers I assume as normal delivery from them to Norway takes 3-4 weeks. I therfore try to find someone in EU to get parts from. Rimmer Brother have supplyed me part for more then 10 years so ... before as UK ws in EU it was about 2 week maks. However I got a Delpin coil it works but the brackets do not fit one So bolt only...More steel work to be done...
So car stopped about 1,5 years ago and Pscan was purchased. I believed I had diven empty but had half full tank the measuring of fuel worked.
I had spark so new fuel pump. and rebuild of fuel pipes to get a pressure test outlet in on the system after the filter. pressure 2,2 to 2,3 bar NOT 3 bar but by clamping the return hose a little I had 4 bar. No start Pscan connected after it came. and it pointed out the crank sensor new sensor purchased and changed No start new battery No start. New plugs No start but after measuring all with a lamp I had one that sometime did and sometimes did not spark new order cap rotors leads all five. Now I do a mistake No new coil and No start. Now direkt ground of engine to battery and direkt 2 ground wires from ECU to battery direkt No start. New coil in place mounted up connected. All spark plugs out and groundet to battry with start cabels my boy crankt over with the new battri charger with start bost and now I had a spark that was stable. but not correct toward the ballaster wheel ok cam cover off Turing the engine all valve and pistons ture correct as I could see. Ok new banser order and next day plugs In boost on and turing the key. And IT Started. turd off and turn the key it started ok garage door open. For air and exhaust out it started. OK butAs I have trued for 1,5 years and AS I had the came cover off it did slell gas so I changed the oil and filter car started. cover on now but still have to bolt back gound wires and air filter etc. I can now not point out the probelem but the last was the coil and the car has had spark all the time.. But now the car runs... Thanks to all with Ideas.. I believed IT as the the new crank sensor or that I had the time belt jump...but after all change out and 3 weeks between orders and delivery of parts it has taken time.

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RPM reading on Pscan 9 months 5 days ago #202398

Good to hear that you’re making progress
"Keep calm, relax, focus on the problem & PULL THE BLOODY TRIGGER"
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