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There are some things that will prevent pscan from talking to an Airbag ECU:-

1. ECU is not powered up (blown fuse, broken power wire, bad earth wire).
2. ECU is not connected to the data line on the diagnostic plug.  There is a wire from the ECU to the diagnostic plug and if that is open circuit or shorted to ground, then pscan won't be able to talk to it.
3. Faulty ECU.  We have seen ECUs go bad to the extent that they won't actually communicate with a diagnostic tool anymore.

You will need to start digging into wiring diagrams, checking continuity, check that the ECU has 12V on it with ignition on etc to fault find this.

A last resort it to get a used airbag ECU and swap that in to see if pscan can talk to that.

It is also possible that the pscan interface can have a fault, but, normally if it can talk to other ECUs in the car then that would rule that out.

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hello Kristian

Please download the software from  and try out the pscan.

You don't need any "codes" as the license is built into the interface.

You are now the legitimate owner and so will receive the same support as the original customer.
It should just work, but, if doesn't, we can support you.