Central Locking Fault LE500 Pektron

1 month 6 days ago - 1 month 6 days ago #194451 by Nik P
I have an issue where the central locking doesn't want to lock. Unlocking I can hear the locks trying but nothing on lock. The alarm is set when you press the fob as alarm activates when you open the door.
At the moment I can lock the passenger door with the pop up button on the door sill, then lock the drivers door with the key before pushing the lock fob button.
When the fob button to lock is pressed the indicators give their normal three flashes.
I have tried another fob and same thing. So unlikely to be fob or battery related as the car starts fine, immobiliser seem ok etc.
The door handles work fine internal and externally.
Boot lid lock seems ok.

I don't want to take the door cards off yet, but try to find a likely issue.

I have looked on the PSCAN and have the following:-
Door Key Switch= off
Drivers sill down= Active
Drivers door sill up= Active
Bonnet switch = closed
Tailgate switch= closed
Passenger door switch= closed
Drivers Door switch= closed

So when I switch the ignition on the only change appears to be the Drivers sill down start changing from Active to in active and back again etc

What is the standard conditions for these readings?
Is the Door sill down changing from Active to in active normal?

I have tried the PSCAN locking function when pressed the locking on status tries the mechanism and after thirty seconds and the "machine gun" affect takes place before I switch to the locking off setting and it returns to normal. The pop up sill buttons don't move.?

Any ideas would be gratefully received.

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1 month 5 days ago #194458 by talkingcars
Sounds like the door lock is on the way out to me.

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1 month 5 days ago #194459 by pscan.uk
or a relay inside the Pektron

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1 month 5 days ago #194460 by Nik P
How do I tell if it's a relay?
When you say Pektron, do you mean SCU? or the Door lock unit? If door is it the Drivers side that controls the Passenger side? Both doors will unlock but not lock.
What are the standard conditions for the PSCAN diagnostic i.e. active/ inactive

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1 month 4 days ago #194462 by sworkscooper
Hi . If I were you I'd have a word with Paul Brown of Technozen . He will point you in the right direction with door locking and Pectron scu problems. A couple of years ago I got him to rectify a fob problem on my TF and at the same time had him replace the relays that cause this sort of thing in the scu . These relays are very unreliable and he upgrades them . He is very helpful and knowledgable .


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1 month 4 days ago #194464 by pscan.uk
Have you tried going in the Actuators menu in pscan for the Pektron?
There is a button there called Locking.
You can lock and unlock the doors from the diagnostic tool there and see what happens.
Just make sure that you don't leave your keys in the car after using this in case you get locked out of the car.
After using this feature it's safest to leave the pscan session and exit the car with the keys, and then lock it and unlock it normally.

I also agree that Tecknozen will help you.

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