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Instrument LED's update 4 months 15 hours ago #197098

I recently changed my instrument lights to blue LED's, I took on board what was said when I posted about doing this which went along the lines of blue is too bright and will glare.
As I intended to remove the yellow filter to avoid the result being green I thought why not replace it with a blue filter to maybe tone the effect down, so I went on eBay and ordered some blue acetate filter used in lights. I know LED's don't get hot but I wasn't sure of the temp in the instrument cluster and acetate is used in stage lights so should be stable in the instrument cluster.
As you can see in the picture the yellow filter has a mask painted on it and as I pondered whether to replicate this on my acetate I glanced at the PC which had a "how To" on the screen, this showed another yellow filter with a completely different mask! Looking at both showed the bottom 10mm was blacked out on both and I just did this using card to help stiffen the acetate. Doing this I think? cuts the light at the top of the dials closest to the bulbs and may help lessen any glare. The two lights have a common feed which plugs into the back of the cluster and I unplugged this to make the job easier be careful I think it only connects one way, the lights didn't work at first and I had to unplug it turn 180 and plug it in again Hey Presto lights.
I haven't as yet found brightness / glare to be a problem so does the filter make a difference? I have nothing to compare it to so don't really know. Another question I posed before doing this was "will the dimmer still work" the answer in my case is sort of, they dim a bit but not a lot.
Lessons learnt I should have painted the bottom 10mm black, if you bend right down in the drivers seat and look up you can see it (2nd photo) but if you find yourself in that position your A. having a really good time or B. just stuffed it into a tree/hedge etc.
The elastic band was used between my fingers to give grip removing the old bulbs and the card was from a Tesco cornflakes packet. I tried photographing the cluster at night but all it tells you is it's dark and the lights are on any sense of glare is washed out by the flash and I'm no pro with a camera.
The photo's are once again showing as attachments below, previously some nice person put them on the post for me, can someone please tell me how to paste them on the post cos I'm lost If you look at your attachments below the post you'll see a button 'Insert' click that and you'll see the link appear in your post. The button will change to 'in message' if you do it correctly, simples...
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Instrument LED's update 3 months 4 weeks ago #197125

Thank you David I will try to remember that (some hope) I think your right about the simple
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