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1 year 1 month ago #190176 by SundanceUK
My Second visit to Pride of Longbridge and first time on the park and I have never seen so many F or TF's or MG's for that matter.
We met up close to Longbridge with the MGF Register Central crew for a brief chinwag and then to convoy in to the show.
Forgive the images, as the camera seemed to be over exposing in the sunlight.....Here is the meeting at local beauty spot, Beacon Hill....

Here is the line at once we arrived at POL...the camera unfortunately could only get so many of our cars in, there were still many more F's and TF's in other areas, including a Monogram area with some of the nicest examples I have seen!

I saw this Aurora TF for sale last year, supposedly the only one, but I have heard the possibility that there may be two others out there somewhere, anyway, it was simply stunning!

And inside it was equally tasteful!

This F had a really cute ass!

This is Darren Hardy's Moonshine TF - one he has done a full nut and bolt restoration on, including a Moonshine steering wheel, it was lined up with two other Monogram Moonshines, one also silver and one a unique X power grey variant. That is three of the six Moonshines ever made all together, I believe one is no longer in existence...and I had an opportunity to buy a few years ago!....

Being a ZT-T owner I was pleased to see this copy of the ZT-T speed record car that broke the land speed record for an estate car at Bonneville. A recent MG Enthusiast magazine article on this car made me aware of what is was.

I just wish my ZT 190 looked like this under the bonnet!

This Monogram TF was I think in Orange Grove livery, one of two together and looking mighty tasty!

And this ZS 180 was probably one of the finest of the show...

I have always admired the SV-R's and there were a couple there on the day, this black one and another red one owned by one of the Potteries club members, enjoy!

Trip down memory lane now, and this V8 powered TR8 was most pleasing on the eye, not sure if this was made at Abingdon, Cowley or Longbridge, but I do know the TR7 was close to being badged as a MG when Triumph and MG were sharing facilities!

This Aston Martin - correct me if I am wrong, a DB4, was a classy addition to the show, one of many other types of classics on show.

And this Metro 6R4 rally car is always a guaranteed head turner!

And of course no POL would be complete without Montego's and Maestros!

There were many other cars, including Mini's, Land Rovers, and much more but I would be typing all night to show eveything, so the above are just some of my faves...

Finally after the show, I had a little run down to Chateau Impney - they do hold a fine hill climb competition in the summer, by the way, to drop off some deposit money for our works Chrimbo party....and since the sun was out it was the perfect opportunity for a photo with Shadow!

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1 year 1 month ago #190177 by talkingcars
Good selection of models there but it doesn't look as packed as when I've been there, maybe last years weather put a lot off.

Home to black MGZS180, yellow MGZS180, blue MGZR160, green MGF VVC and red MG Maestro T16.

MG - the friendly marque.
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1 year 1 month ago #190179 by sworkscooper
Thanks for the photos . I must make a note to self to attend PoL sometime . Shadow looking really good .

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1 year 3 weeks ago #190415 by Keymaster
Great pictures,.....I need to start spending some time and money on mine if I'm ever going to be able to park at the side of one of these.

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1 year 2 weeks ago #190429 by Tunny

We made the 900 mile round trip this year for the first time. It inspired me to buy a TF, which i have! "Shadow" looks great btw :-)

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