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Here I did cut off too much and I had to get another lamp interior to do it over again so be aware not to cut too much.
5 January 2015 ·   8 years ago
Because the projector beam was low and it's a thight fit. The right beam (LHD) got stuck on the glass. I had to lower the outer joint to get it right. Be aware the line in this picture is way too low! I took just about 1 or 2 mm off !
5 January 2015 ·   8 years ago
The projector can be mounted with a thick or a small silicon ring between projector and reflecor. Advise use the small one; my projectors just touch the glass at optimal hieght settings. you'd better have more space to adjust the lights!
3 July 2013 ·   9 years ago
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