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MOT failure fun 1 month 3 days ago #197417

I have a history of tracked data on my MGF VVC (Mems 2J) using Pscan. I can see straight away some differences.

When oil and water temp > 85 C and at idle of 875rpm (quick extraction of the norms {note that for several readings, the norm can be an either or} but should be enough for you to decipher even without headings)

4 ° 0.6V Closed On Alternates Alternates Neutral Alternates Alternates Alternates 30 Kpa 26 steps 875rpm 0rpm 0kph 85°C 85°C Varies Varies N.A 13.4V okay okay okay 2-3mS 2-3mS 720.0° 2.5ms 0.9ms 0.7-1.0 V NA NA Active/inactive NA 225.0° 225.0° 717.6° 221.5.° Active Not active Closed Not cranking Started Not stopped Active/not active Active/not active On Off OFF at 98 degrees OFF at 60 degrees On NA 0-100%

The sensor on coolant temp for the ECU is a different sensor to that used for the temp gauge. I have an issue at the moment where the gauge is reading normal but the ECU coolant reading is very different once the temp gauge reaches normal. As both sensors are right next to each other, I am assuming at this stage that the ECU coolant sensor needs replacing.
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MOT failure fun 1 month 21 hours ago #197447

Thanks for taking the time to post that data but I can't work out what is what.

Coolant sensor seems fine as it starts the same as ambient and go up. I have tried pulling it off and I can hear the radiator fan kick in then.


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MOT failure fun 1 month 21 hours ago #197451


I have added as an attachment, the full Pscan live data file if anybody wants to have a look using a spreadsheet, tab delimited seems to work.

I noticed two things :
"Cylinder 1 misfire count" - sometimes says 1 or 2 but also 256 or 512.
Downstream O2 sensor reads higher voltages than the Upstream sensor reads, that can't be right even if there was no Cat!

Today I looked Ignition because of misfire values.
No tracing visable in the dark.
Pulled boots off coils - little bit of white corrosion - cleaned off with alcohol,
Swapped positions over of coil 1 and 2. Misfire in live data stayed on cylinder 1.
Checked spark plugs. When I first put them in I could not find my gapping tool so trusted the factory preset - all at 1mm except cylinder 1 which was 0.8mm - regapped to 1mm, Don't think it made any difference but I ran last live data before this.
Noticed wires to coil packs have been played with.

Performed a compression test,
Cylinder 4 - 14 bar (200psi)
Cylinder 3 - 12 bar (175psi)
Cylinder 2 - 15 bar (220psi)
Cylinder 1 - 15 bar (220psi)

Took a phone video of exhaust sound but it appears too big to attach.

An air pipe is hanging off the air box, don''t think it makes a difference though.

Swore at a group of Ravens in the tree overhead.

Forgot to include, I put a sheet of paper up near exhaust pipe for a few mins too see if there was any soot. Just a bit of rust from pipe edge.

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MOT failure fun 1 week 1 day ago #197701

Are you making any progress?

I've had a look at the data file but as it's the first time I've played with this type of data, I'm not going to make any bold statements! However, there are a couple of basic questions I'd like covered.
Are the plugs in the pictures in order of the cyl's they came from with 1 to the right and 4 on the left?
Do you know why cyl's 3 & 4 are showing ? in the misfire column and is it related to the reduced compression tests?

I think I might start looking at a head gasket or valve fault on Cyl 3.

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MOT failure fun 1 week 1 day ago #197703


Thanks for the reply :)

The photo of sparks plugs are the old ones i took out when I changed them a few months ago, don't think they are in order. If I get time in the next couple of days I'll photo the new ones.

Did the compression again recently after dumping fuel system cleaner in and from warm cly 3 is 14% down on the others. No signs of head gasket going, emptied all the coolent out when I did the cambelt/water pump and S/S underfloor pipe and it was really clean. I did not try putting any oil in the cylinder to see if it improved.

The ECU does not give readings on cylinders 3 and 4 only 1 and 2 apperently so Pscan can not read what is not there so gives a ?. The misfire count data seems screwed up, always seems to be one of three values so I have ignored it now.

I can't remember what the exhaust smelled like after failing on massivly high CO but I would expect to smell petrol if there was incomplete combustion. I came near too death sniffing the exhausts of all three cars recently - lol.
VW T4 camper smelled of exhaust but has no cat anyway.
Astra smelled of nothing but is a much newer car.
MG TF smelled of exhaust like the T4 but a bit stonger, no petrol or sulphur smell.

Did a live scan after fuel system clean, new upstream sensor and coolant sensor from Rimmer Bros and it seems better. See attached - just the fuel correction and both o2 sensors. The fuel correction(I think this is the short term fuel trim) is only fluctuating a few percent either way from 100% and the O2 sensor seem to be doing the right thing, upsteam fluctuating and downstream staying mostly steady on the higher side. The cat is using the O2.

Hoping that means the fuel trim error is gone and the cat is ok still. I have cleared the error but I need to let it run a good few times to see if it comes back.
Praying it was a dicky injector cuasing overfueling and the cleaner fixed it.

If not...

Maybe a valve on cylinder 3 like you said or too high fuel pressure in the rail (I've checked the vacuum hose to the FPR). I have checked for vacuum leaks all over with smoke from a vape box and a hose connected to the breather. Also double checked the cambelt I did for timing - all good.

If it was a leak in the exhaust manifold I would have thought it would have been picked up on the MOT.

Written a letter to Santa asking for my car to work - that will do it.

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