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StepSpeed 2 weeks 2 days ago #196904

I'm having a problem with my stepspeed gearbox.
I can only select 1 and 2nd gear.
Is I put it in Sports mode it will allow me to toggle between 1st and 2nd gear.
P, R, N, D doesn't show up on the display. The orange gearbox warning light comes on. If I put it into Sports mode the warning light goes off and I can select 1 or 2nd gear. Once I put it in normal mode the warning light comes back on.
When driving it limited to 3500rpm. *

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StepSpeed 1 week 5 days ago #196941

I don't know much about the stepseed except it likes to have decent fresh fluid.

It might be worth plugging in a scanner to see if there are any fault codes.

Let us know how you get on.

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