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Upgrade ideas 2 months 3 days ago #195123

Hi All

I recently acquired a TF - it had belonged to my Father for about 11 years. I'm a bit bored in lockdown so trying to think of things to tinker with on it. I'm not interested in heavily modified - original with subtle improvements is what I'm after!

Its a 2002 Sprint VVC with 27k miles. It already has

- Daytona exhaust
- Powder coated subframes fully polybushed
- Stainless coolant lines with low coolant warning system
- Stainless brake lines
- Head gasket sorted and new clutch recently
- Brand new alloys
- Bespoke leather interior

(pics here if you're interested!

Since owning it I've fitted the TT performance discs including the rear big brake conversion and new brembo pads, rebuilt and painted the rear calipers, done an oil/filter change and fitted heating elements to the seats. So what would you do on this car to keep yourself busy? Ideas I've had

- Stainless exhaust manifold 
- Intake mods?
- Lowering springs
- Roll hoops/wind deflector

I dont want to mess with too much as its already so well sorted but keen to find something to fettle with to keep me busy and improve an already good car. Any thoughts?

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Upgrade ideas 2 months 3 days ago #195125

Your car looks really nice but the thing that really stands out as needing a bit of a spruce up is the front calipers.  I did mine in-situ using some eBay caliper paint and a small paintbrush after carefully masking the obvious bits you don't want to get paint on.  The paint on the logo can be removed easily enough with a Stanley blade and/or a sanding block.  It would obviously have been better to remove the calipers, dismantle them and spray them but I think that they look fine the way I have done them.

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Upgrade ideas 2 months 1 day ago #195128

There are subtle changes like upgrading the washer jets, heated seats etc

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Upgrade ideas 2 months 1 day ago #195129

Thanks both!

The front calipers got painted when I did the brakes, pic was taken before I did them. 


Seats are also heated now.. Washer jets.... I was wondering why the big folder of history had a reciept for washer jets from a citroen garage!

I guess there's not a huge amount I can do, my fault for buying a car thats so well sorted already! Ah well, just a waiting game until I can actually use and enjoy it

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Upgrade ideas 2 months 1 day ago #195131

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not to forget the sun visors! 

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