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Door Card - How to remove. 14 years 1 month ago #205

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One of the most common modifications to the MGF is to fit MG TF door cards. These are a direct swap the only difference being that the TF door cards have oval door handle surrounds whereas the F door handle surrounds are square so make sure if you decide to buy TF door cards that they come with the oval surrounds.

Other reasons for removing your door cards are to remove the wing mirrors, change your speakers, window motor, door handles and so forth so this is quite a handly little guide.

MGF Door Card Removal

Step One: Using a Philips Screwdriver remove the two screws located in the bottom of your small door pocket:

Step Two: Pull back your interior door handle to reveal a small philips screw. With one hand hold back the handle and with the other remove the screw:

Step Three: Open the door fully (if you haven't already) and parrallel to the top door hinge you will see another philips screw. Remove it:

Step Four: Look down the vertical side/outer rim of the doorcard and you will see another two philips screws that need removing. They are just out of site in the following pic:

Step Five: The door card is now only being held on by retaining clips around the sides of the door card (on the inside of the door card). Therefore gently run your hand underneath the door card and pull the clips off. Be careful when doing this as the clips break very easily. Then remove the door card making sure to lift upwards first so that it does not get caught on the locking pin. Once it has been lifted over the locking pin it can be pulled out fully.

Et Voila! Your door card has been removed!

Any questions please PM me.


Kara x
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