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Bought a small stock of Lotus Elise parts from a widow. She had no idea what it was, as it was her husband's hobby.
I found i.a. a PSCAN unit which was well packed and does not appear to have any faults. See attached picture of this to see if anything is missing.
Would like to try PScan as so far I have only used the T300.
Have a PC with Windows 10 but missing the program and internet code. How can this be re-established?
Assumes that the PScan program still works and can be used for fault corrections of MGF and LOTUS Elise S1 ROVER 18K... engines.
With best regards
Kristian Ørnsvig
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hello Kristian

Please download the software from  and try out the pscan.

You don't need any "codes" as the license is built into the interface.

You are now the legitimate owner and so will receive the same support as the original customer.
It should just work, but, if doesn't, we can support you.
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