Pektron remote programming successful where T4 failed...

Well, hadn't used Pscan in a while as my T4 is more often used, but today, I had to program a new genuine remote to a Pektron SCU on a friend's TF. New fob had XPart label on the PCB and was sold through Rimmer Bros, came with the barcode. Fired up the T4, programming was successful with all 22 digits but the new fob wouldn't operate, the earlier one would still. Attempted a 2nd programming with T4 but came with an error suggesting this barcode was already registered with the SCU (make sense), still wouldn't operate.
Figured I'd try PScan...1st attempt, programmed with the 21 digits (omitted the checksum), PScan came up with the same checksum as on the barcode, programming successful and new fob operates as expected (older one too of course).
Goes to show how useful PScan is even for those of us with a T4. Have yet to understand though why programming with T4 did seem to work yet didn't, and how PScan could program a barcode that was already stored in there, if we are to believe T4...I did program a Pektron before with T4 and had no issue then.
by scoubix
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