2004MGTF Heater bypass assembly and 4 way plastic tee

3 weeks 2 days ago #194559 by superchook
I have just replaced the heater bypass assembly - all hoses and the "cheap" plastic 4 way tee. Fortunately the disintergration occurred close to the mechanics workshop but the replacement was a bastard of a job. Also the push on terminal for the starter motor solenoid "came off" and what a nasty thing to get back on.
I also have a 1964 MGB which I have owned for 25 years - much simpler to work on and I do feel more mechanically safer with it. I recently drove 8500 kms in it from Tasmania to Western Australia - ferried from Tasmania to Victoria.
Any comments from MGTF owners would be appreciated.

Terry B (superchook)

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3 weeks 2 days ago #194560 by gloscs
Joys of a mid engined car 🤔

Due to the age of these cars rubber hoses are going to need to be replaced sooner rather than later, when they fail.

As far as I can tell some of the more complex ones are no longer available.


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3 weeks 1 day ago #194573 by Fisher
In the opinon of the forum which is the most vulnerable water hose (or connector) on the F/TF.


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