1 month 2 weeks ago #194384 by sylas
I am giving up the TF sadly, finding the contortions of working on it too tasky these days, just bought an MG3, we will see how that goes, but my TF 135 has developed an water leak from the water pump, it also needs an engine bay temp sensor, 22 quid on ebay it will overheat if you sit in traffic too long, must check level every day, i am pretty damm sure the head gasket is ok, i can hear the guffaws already, but it goes so well , no oil in the water or vice versa, but for the purposes of this sale to members i am pricing as if it has. the good points it had new head gasket, freelander bottom rail, pump, cam belt and tensioner. along with new brake calipers. Stainless steel supersports exhaust. All done back in nov2114.. since then i have fitted green stuff pads , soft ride shocks, nearly all suspension bushes plus water level warning lights.
It has a fresh mot from last week, with advisories on rim damage to nearside alloys , she has done 61000 miles. i reckon this is a fair buy for a club member at £650, feel free to disagree with me, will be going on sorn 31 oct,pm me or call me 07864 542636

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1 month 2 weeks ago #194386 by keiran1983
Hi, where are you based?



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1 month 2 weeks ago #194387 by BruceTF135
It looks like a nice car. Basically, from what you say, it just needs servicing.

If the cambelt, tensioner and water pump were replaced in 2014, their replacement is overdue. 4 to 5 years is the service interval for these parts.

The engine bay temperature sensor isn't a big deal. It's easily replaced and if necessary, in the short term, you could pull the plug to run the engine bay fan continuously.

Get it fixed - you know you want to :-)

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1 month 1 week ago #194436 by richardgr88
Looks like a nice car - better condition than mine. You know you want to give it another go ;-) I think your price is fair. Best of luck with the project/selling (delete as appropriate hehe)

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