Releasing the speedo clock pod

3 years 4 months ago - 3 years 4 months ago #176257 by David Aiketgate
The outer cowl of the dials is held in with 4 screws, two shorter ones here

and here

and two others here

and here

You can now ease the cowl forward to swivel the cowl anti clockwise and out of the way. It may require a bit of wiggling This means you don't have to remove the steering wheel or disconnect the mirror control and dimmer switch

The instruments are also held by 4 screws, two here

and here

two here

and here

It is now possible to pull the instrument pod forward. This allows you to change bulbs etc.

As usual replace by reversing these instructions. Top tip - use a magnetic screwdriver. losing one of those screws into the depths of the dash is a pain!

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