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  • @Cobber I did the test you suggested. Results: 90ml when priming. 210ml when cranked for 5 seconds. Total 300ml fuel displaced by pump.

    @Airportable Yes, the green ad black wire from the top of the fuel pump (is that called the tank sender unit?). It reads 6V I guess because I have a full tank?

    After doing the test Cobber suggested I reassembled the fuel line. Replies to above posts ends here.

    After I reconnected the fuel line the car started first time but then doesn't start the second like it always does. I don't hear the fuel pump prime when I attempt to restart the car, I'm guessing the ECU/fuel relay skips that part cuz it knows the engine is still hot [and full of fuel]. I tried bypassing/overriding the relay by running a copper wire off the post of the 12v battery to the fuel pump tank sender unit and then cranking so I had maximum fuel going into the engine. Still nothing. I have the horrible suspicion I'm barking up the wrong tree.

    Speaking of other trees, I have tested the HT leads by sparking them off the exhaust manifold (swapped the plugs for new ones then used one of the old plugs to check for a spark).

    What I haven't done is test the coil packs that the HT leads run off of. I don't really want to take these out of the spark plug chambers due to all the warnings about dangerous voltages and damaging the ECU. What I have done is tested the resistance when cold (1.3ohms) and the resistance immediatly after running the car for 10 minutes. Still 1.3ohms after running hot. I know this resistance is a lot higher than the 0.7 recommended ohms but the parts place said they'd be fine and to be fair they have been for the past 2 years. FYI I destroyed the OEM coil packs when I blew up my engine (they'd work but occasionally not send a spark).

    I've also done all these tests with the air intake filter removed (makes a great noise) so it's probably not an air issue.

    Battery is new, charged to 13.4V and the correct type and CCA for the car.

    So yeah. At a loss as to why I can start the car cold but cant start it hot. I don't know what else to test...

    Edit: unless my fuel displacement is far too low? Just seen on Mike Satur's website that "the stock fuel pump flows approx 2 litres per minute" and by that math my car is pumping 2.5 litres a minute so I'm golden there.

    Edit2: added a subtitle (in bold) to separate replies to users and my own further testing.
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