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MGTF Dashboard lights layout diagram. 12 years 4 months ago #29857

1. Temperature gauge
This gauge indicates the temperature of the engine coolant. When starting the engine from cold, the pointer will gradually rise from the bottom of the gauge, reaching approximately halfway once the engine has reached its normal operating temperature.

In severe driving conditions, such as very hot climbing or extended hill climbing, the pointer will rise further. However, if the pointer enters the RED sector, this indicates the coolant is too hot. Severe damage could result from continuing to run the engine; if this occurs stop the car as soon as safety permits, and allow the engine to idle. If the coolant temperature continues to rise, switch off and seek qualified assistance before continuing. If the temperature returns to normal, proceed with caution and consult your MG dealer at the earliest opportunity.

2. Tachometer
The tachometer indicates the engine speed in revolutions per minute. Speed restriction limiters prevent the engine from exceeding the engines maximum operational speed, which is indicated by the start of the RED segment of the gauge.

Note that the safe operational speed range of the engine differs according to the engine/transmission type, as follows:

1.8i (manual): 0 - 6800 rpm
1.8i VVC (manual): 0 - 7100 rpm
1.8i Steptronic (auto): 0 - 6000 rpm

3. Speedometer
Indicates road speed in miles per hour and/or kilometres per hour.

4. Fuel gauge
The pointer indicates the fuel level, even when the starter switch is turned off. After refuelling the gauge slowly rises to indicate the new level once the starter switch is turned on. When the pointer enters the RED sector approximately 5 litres remain in the tank.

Note: Driving on twisting or hilly roads may disturb the accuracy of the gauge. It is advisable to check the fuel level when the car is on level ground.

Never allow the car to run out of fuel, especially at high engine speed (the resultant misfire could destroy the catalytic convertor).

Standard dash layout

5. Digital display
The panel displays the following:

*Odometer reading (shows the total distance travelled by the car). The word 'ODO' is also displayed.

* Trip recorder (for recording individual journey distances). The word 'TRIP' is also displayed.

* Autmatic gear selector position ('P', 'R', 'N', 'D') - 1.8i Steptronic cars only.

* The word 'SPORT' confirms selection of sport mode - 1.8i Steptronic cars only.

* Manual mode gear selection information ('1', '2', '3', '4', '5', or '6'). - 1.8i Steptronic cars only.

6. Trip recorder reset button
Whenever the starter switch is turned on, the display shows the odometer reading. By pressing the trip recorder reset button

briefly, the display will change to show the trip recorder reading (a further press of the button returns the display to the

odometer reading).

With the trip recorder displayed, press and hold the reset button for two seconds to reset the display to zero.

Oil temperature gauge

This gauge indicates the temperature of the engine oil. If the pointer enters the RED sector (the warning light on the instrument panel may also illuminate), the oil temperature is too high, you should reduce speed immediately and drive GENTLY until the pointer falls below 150 degrees centigrade. If the pointer does not fall from the RED sector after a few minutes, stop the car and switch off the engine. Seek qualified assistance before restarting.

Note: Oil temperatures are only likely to reach the RED sector in the combined circumstances of prolonged high engine speeds in very high ambient temperatures.

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