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6 years 3 months ago #144295 by marmite2
Could anyone please explain why I have to log on every 3/4 days, it's only on t-bar that I have this problem.
iPad normally used

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6 years 3 months ago #144297 by David Aiketgate
The short answer is no.
This is something we have been grappling with for quite a time, without resolution. There is obviously an issue somewhere deep in the programme that Simon as yet hasn't found. It could also be a byproduct of Simon trying to solve other niggles, like the weird 'instantiation error' message that rears its head on occasion. A couple of days ago one of his fixes resulted in the entire forum crashing and we had to go to backup!

At the moment, for me, things are good, but I have also experienced periods where I had to log in each time I visited.
Simon is very much on his own trying to resolve these issues unlike most other forums that have a team of people to fault find.


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