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Hi. My name is Clive and I have a problem.........

My problem is that I love my TF and I am fiercely defensive of these mid engined sports cars. I know they have their faults, but somehow MG/Rover managed to stumble on such a winning combination, probably purely by accident, and no other car has stirred so much emotion in me, usually ending in a big grin.

I am athletic, good looking and filthy rich. Oh, and I lie a lot. :)

I am actually the right side of 40, spent 22 years in the Royal Air Force and left as a sergeant. I have worked in engineering all my life, mostly as an electrician, but I have also gotten oily on many occassions.

I live in Northumberland, about 20 minutes north of Newcastle.

I have 2 dogs, a blue merle border collie, a crossbreed, a budgie and loads of fish (Oh yeah, and a wife) ;)

I am into cars, motorbikes, computers and gaming.

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