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Door Mirror(manual) - How to remove 14 years 1 month ago #210

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Unfortunately Door Mirrors seem to suffer much abuse over the years due to stonechips, supermarket scrapes etc. Therefore it sometimes becomes necessary to replace or re-spray your door mirrors. This is a handy little guide for removing them.

MGF Door Mirror Removal:

Step One: Remove the black door mirror handle (this just pulls off):

Step Two: Once you have removed the handle you will see two screws - using a philips screwdriver remove the two screws:

Step Three: Be really careful at this point as the wing mirror is now loose and is only being held in place by the remaining metal part of the wing mirror handle. If you gently pull out the wing mirror now you will see two blue wires which are the wires that heat the wing mirror:

These two blue wires run down to a connector behind the door card so you now have two options:

a) Take the fast route & cut the blue wires and you can pull the wing mirror straight out. WARNING: By doing this you are eliminating the heated wing mirror feature from your car. Only do this if you are happy with the fact that you will no longer have heated wing mirrors.

b) Remove the door card and disconnect the blue wires allowing them to be pulled out with the wing mirror and re-connected when you re-fit the wing mirror. This is the option I chose as I quite like the idea of keeping my heated wing mirrors!

If option b) is for you then here is a quick door card removal guide: Door Card - How to remove.

Step Four:
Having removed the door cards you will find that just above the speaker there is a connector that the blue heated wing mirror wires connect to:

Peel back the plastic and you will see that the blue wire connector is connected both to the door and to another connector that has green and yellow wires running out of it.
To disconnect the connector from the door there is a small lever on the far side of the connector that you push outwards and this releases it. Also disconnect it from the other connector that has one green and one yellow wire running into it:

Et voila:

Now this is lose you can just pull the wing mirror out making sure to feed the blue wires out of the hole pictured below:

And there you have it - your wing mirror is now free from the car to do whatever you want with! :bounce:
Any questions then please pop me a PM.


Kara x

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