Heated Rear Plastic Window! - How to have one.

10 years 11 months ago - 3 years 4 months ago #5967 by David Aiketgate
This mod was inspired by Sheila, who was saying 'What a shame it doesn't have a heated rear screen, as sometimes it mists up.'

Mmmm, thinks I, well I'm not paying for a glass screen + fitting, just so that once in a while we can demist the screen.

I remembered seeing somewhere that a guy was using a little plug-in 12v fan heater on top of the inspection cover to demist/defrost his plastic screen and that set me thinking.

I didn't want wires trailing to the cig lighter as I thought that was a bit naff, but remembered that, of course, there is wiring already in place for the hardtop HRW. Could I make use of that? Course I could, not only that but If I got the switch and the relay it would look really neat.

SO:- I ordered a 12v fan heater (£9.99) and the mk2 HRW switch and relay(£20).
While waiting for these to arrive I studied where I wanted to fit the heater.

Sudden thought, if, rather than mounting it over the inspection cover, I mount it on the Tbar in front of the windstop and between the seats would it also act as a back of neck heater?

Well to cut it short the bits arrived and I stuck the heater temporarily in place and tried it. Hey presto, yes it would give some heat to your neck as well as demist the screen!!!

So I fitted it in permanently by removing the tbar and drilling three holes( scary) two for fixing bolts and one to feed the cable through. Fixed the heater in place and replaced the tbar after feeding the cable across to the HRW wiring. I spliced in a couple of connections (leaving the HRW plug in place - just in case we ever do chicken out and buy a hardtop).

Removing one of the switch blanks reveals the other end of the heated Rear window circuit. I simply plugged the hrw switch in and pushed the new switch into place in the dash, fitted the relay into the socket to the right of the under steering wheel fusebox (see pic below). With ignition on, press switch, ooh warm air!

On a frosty morning, I start the car, switch on the fan heater and after a while the screen starts to clear. The heaters are not exactly super hot, but I could definitely feel an improvement in the neck area whilst driving TOP DOWN today. Don't expect a fast demist, this is no way as good as a proper Heated rear window.

Had another MG badge so finished off the job by sticking it on the heater and here it is:-

The heater isn't volcano hot, but it does blow warmish air onto the window, and it does the job. The advantage of using the HRW circuit is that it also has a built in timer, so that the heater switches off after 20 minutes.
__________________When I bought the heated rear window switch and relay from Ebay, I was surprised that the relay was not a model specific or an MGR item , but just a common 40 amp auto relay, such as available at Maplins or Halfords.

I had bought a relay from Maplins for fitting some spotlights, and when my HRW one arrived they were identical! Only the one from maplins was only about £2.

Fitted in place and working fine.

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9 years 6 months ago - 9 years 6 months ago #24458 by PQD44
Very resourceful and looks good in the photo :yesnod:
Does it affect the operation of the volumetric alarm since that is situated right behind the fan you've installed?

Anyway I digress, I stumbled across thread as I was thinking how to make an Air Scarf, like the newer Merc convertibles.

Your idea looks simpler, I was originally thinking of adding ducting to the existing heater and running it to blow warm air between the top of the seat and the head rest for both seats.

Has this ever been attempted?

The Merc system is, I think, an electric heater built in to the head rest which has fans on the back to blow cold air across a heating element.

Actually a pair of those seats would like very nice in a Tahiti Blue, white striped MGF :thumbsup:
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9 years 6 months ago - 8 years 2 weeks ago #24463 by David Aiketgate
It didn't affect the volumetric alarm. I have now progressed to a glass window with integrated heating element. :thumbsup:

The relay and switch work with the glass heated screen in the same way.:yesnod:


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9 years 6 months ago #24477 by broon
I've been planning an airscarf since i got my first F....would come in handy up here lol.

Never got round to it though.....but was thinking about some small ducting running under carpet under door then appearing at neck height...but I'm lazy lol

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