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  • Rich in Vancouver created a new forum post in Wanted
    I'm looking for a set of Gear Selector Forks for the PG1 gearbox in my 1997 MGF VVC.
    This is the assembly inside the gearbox consisting of two steel rods with bronze forks that move the
    gears on the shafts to select gears. The important thing is that there ne no/minimal wear on the ends
    of the forks where they contact the slots in the synchros and the notches at the base end of the forks where
    they are moved/selected when shifting.
    My existing forks have damage at the selector end and need replacing.
    The complete assembly with the steel rods would be preferred but I will also take individual forks.
    Please be willing to post to Canada. :)
    I will attach the diagram from Rimmers for more information.
    Page URL attached. Either after the entire assembly or #40, 41, 43.

    Thanks, Rich (please PM me with a price if you have the parts)
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