For Participants - How to Enjoy the Run

7 years 11 months ago - 7 years 11 months ago #91158 by David Aiketgate
1. Prepare for the day!
Ensure that your car is legal, roadworthy, insured, all levels checked and has plenty of petrol for the run - petrol stations are not always common out in the countryside!

2. By tradition, if it's not raining or snowing, roofs are down on runs.
Ensure you wear appropriate clothing and hats to suit the temperature. By request of Clive, make the hat as silly as possible. (This part is not mandatory.)

3. Please make yourself known to the organiser at the start of the run.
We are all human, and in the midst of organising the run, can forget to talk to everyone. Making yourself known means you won't be forgotten should you become separated from the group Talk to people...they may be new too!

4. Ensure you have/get a copy of maps/phone numbers/post codes.
Find out time/location of major stops.

5. It is worth having any relevant paperwork
You might need, such as breakdown cover/insurance/licence etc. but this is down to personal preference.

6. It is worth investing in two way PMR radios
If you intend to go to a lot of meets, these can be bought quite cheaply from Argos/Maplins etc.

7. Ensure you have your satnav ready
And charged up (if you have one).

8. Tell the organiser if you need to leave before the end
So they don't instigate a search when you disappear.

9. Drive to your capability
Do not feel pressured to drive faster than you feel comfortable.

10. keep the car BEHIND you in sight at all times - if the car behind drops back, slow down and shout over the radio to the leader if possible. You are responsible for the car behind you..
If the car behind you gets stuck in traffic, you slow (as long as its safe) and let them catch up.. If everyone did this no one would get lost..

11. Do not race, weave in and out of the convoy, or speed;
These, and other type of silliness will result in exclusion from the run.

12. If you can't make it, let the organiser know as soon as possible.
Waiting around for someone who has decided not to go is very frustrating.

13. Have a fun event and don't forget your camera
Post your pictures after the event, we all love a good picture

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