On the day of TBar Run - How to be successful

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A successful Run

1. Delegate

2. Divide

3. Discipline

4. Consideration

5. Responsibility

6. Space

7. Stops

8. Communications

1. Delegate - experienced front and rear car drivers. Ask the designated last car to keep dipped headlights on. This helps the lead car see that you are all together.

2. Divide
- If the convoy is large ie; more than ten, you may need to split it into 'packets' of five. Put 'switched on cookies' (people who know what they're doing, where you're all going and when you have to be there) at the front and rear of each packet.

3. Discipline
[/u] - Tell people to leave plenty of room between themselves and the car in front...Driving in convoy doesn't mean you have to be nose-to-tail.

4. Consideration - Tell People to give consideration to other road users; if someone if coming up fast, make gaps so as to allow them to get past safely. Otherwise they may take risks and put you all in danger.

5. Responsibility
- Tell people to keep the car BEHIND them in sight at all times - if they drop back, slow down and shout over the radio to the leader if possible. You are responsible for the car behind you..
If the car behind you gets stuck in traffic, you slow (as long as its safe) and let them catch up.. If everyone did this no one would get lost..

6. Space - Leaders must allow space and time for all the cars behind to react safely.
Another important thing is signalling at junctions and moving lanes etc. Tell people that as soon as the car in front signals direction, they must signal too. Otherwise the guys at the back are making last second decisions.

7. Stops - Pulling over on the side of any road should be avoided too if possible.. as 10-20 cars stopped on the side of a busy road makes passing difficult or dangerous.

8. Communications - I would emphasise the importance of PMR radios, especially the better quality/better range type. In reality the cheaper (£20 for two) usually have an effective range less than the length of a big car convoy. The ones around £45 for two with a 10-12k range are better.
If, at least, the leader and the rear gunner have them it helps keep people together. Radios also mean that the leader can broadcast driving instructions.

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