Plan a TBar Meet - How to

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Planning A Meet

Keep it as simple as possible.

1. Decide on a date

2. Post up a meet thread to Gauge interest

3. Swap contact details

4. Choice of Food

5. Post up an arrival time and approximate end time

6. Maps

7. Be prepared to be flexible.

8. Don’t worry

1. Decide on a date

– have a look on the site to see if there are any other meets/runs planned for the same date. It is also worth checking other sites as a large meet/run may be planned that will affect the numbers that can attend yours. Try to leave enough time for others to get organised, unless it is a small impromptu meet. Choose a date and stick to it. You won't please everyone, but once advertised, people may have arranged childcare, time off or even booked hotels

2. Post up a meet thread to Gauge interest

– try to keep it simple, with enough information for people to decide whether they wish to attend or not. Making your first meet a small scale local meet is a good way to simplify things.
If you are going to limit the numbers, now is the time to say so. Note: limiting numbers can sometimes be frustrating for people who want to go, but are too late signing up.
There are plenty of seasoned event veterans at the T-Bar. If you don't know the answer, just ask.
If your chosen destination has a limit on numbers, then so be it.
It might be a good idea at this point to let everyone know what clothes you will be wearing, even post a photo of yourself– this lets any new people know who to look for when they arrive.

3. Swap contact details

– DON’T POST YOUR PERSONAL DETAILS ON THE THREAD! Do this via PM, and then you all have each others numbers should something go wrong.
If planning a meal, it is always worth chatting to the owners of the establishment in advance regarding numbers, or even a group discount if you intend to make it a regular meet. You may also have to be able to provide details of local accommodation if people want to stay over.

6. Choice of Food

- When choosing venues, give them a ring first to warn of the potential invasion. Are they dog friendly? Could you pre-order food and give an approx arrival time? Post a copy of the menu on the thread if possible.

Decide how you are going to arrange any payments

- You are under no obligation to foot the bill and chase others for payment. Set up a paypal account and get payments/deposits in advance, .

7. Choose a start time and approximate end time

– try to think of others travelling times – Give an arrival time, and a food time with time in between to allow for coffee/chat.

9. Maps

-You can, at this point, print off copies of maps to the meet, post it onto the forum, or just save it to enable it to be sent to the other participants to print their own. It is worth providing postcodes for the venue for satnav users too.

10. Be prepared to be flexible.

-Things can and do go wrong, even with the best planning.

11. Don’t worry

– if you don’t get many people signing up, don’t worry. We have all had meets where only two people have turned up – it isn’t the end of the world, and is actually a good way to get to know other T Bar members better . It also makes first meets much easier to coordinate. Once the meet is over, others will hear about how good it was, and more will want to go to the next one

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