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1998 MGF VVC ABS 4 days 9 hours ago #199397

Hi all, you majestic knowledgeable people.
I am trying to find a 998 mgf vvc abs master cylinder repair kit, rimmers state part no SJJ000020 but doesn't state abs or not.
Anyway they are out of stock ( no surprise ).
on searching, others state this is none ABS and is compatible with the Rover ZR, on checking that out, head banging a wall time.
other numbers come up, TRW GRK901099 which shows Unipart lol and SG1063 lol
have also see possiblities that a defender mk1 will fit.
also SJJ000230 is mentioned somewhere and loosing interest very quickly now lol.
Is there any Guru worth their weight in rusty snapped bolts shed any light on this....something must fit, its a parts bin creation.........
thank you, cheers

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