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Re:Suggestions Please - Rough Idle and Misfire under load 5 days 21 hours ago #199384

Good that you have some kind of equilibrium at 26 steps.

The standard fuel regulator keeps the fuel pressure at a constant 3 bar (+-0.2bar). If you have a fuel pressure gauge you can check the pressure.

One thing I have noticed with the F is that it can miss a beat in hot weather going up a mountain under load (changing up) but living at 500 meters +, does not totally surprise me. Recently we have had some high temps here (I do not know about where you live). The question is how often does it miss?

One last thing to try if all else fails is to delete all the ECU adaptions using Pscan (it is one of the menu items) and then allow the ECU to readapt. Not sure whether this would make a difference as the ECU should constantly be readapting.

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Suggestions Please - Rough Idle and Misfire under load 3 days 14 hours ago #199407

Hi, sorry if the data you have put on would rule this one out, or if you have already tried and ruled it out before moving onto mor involved things..... im not so great with newer cars and many sensors, but I had similar issues with mine about 6 months ago. It would be lumpy under load and idle would rise to nearly 1250.

It turned out to be HT leads were damaged and arcing out to each other causing it to be a very confused ECU resorting to odd maps. Replaced with new and all is well. annoyingly they rub when driving, a few cheep clips to keep the new ones separate and 6 months on still fine.

Also on account of troublesome, they can have there moments, but the majority of parts are cheep, Ive found mine behaves far better with more use, compared to newer cars are more simplistic, compared to classics are far more reliable, and compared to rust issues on the sluggish MX5 and potential engine failure from a dodgy cat on MR2s.... HGF aside are quite reliable. Once through this rough patch im sure you will love it and it will love you back by behaving :drive:


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