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K Series - HGF 7 months 2 weeks ago #196028

What are folks views on here re the definitive answer around the engines notorious weakness?

Several of my friends have owned K powered cars; Lotus Elise, Rover 25, MGZR, Freelander plus my own TF. All have suffered HGF at reasonably low mileages. 

I can't think of another comparable engine with anything like such a high HGF rate.....?

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K Series - HGF 7 months 2 weeks ago #196029

1. Get a decent mechanic to do the work who knows the MGF K series set up
2. Multi-layer gasket - N series preferably, provided liners at the right height, cylinder head within flatness spec, using correct spec engine bolts
3. Steel cylinder head locating pins (2 of) to replace the original nylon version
4. Strengthened oil ladder- N series or LR versions - I use the LR version
5. Oil cooler - I use the water/oil interface type of cooler
6. Move thermostat from the original position to outlet engine (hot) water pipe (I use the QED remote thermostat set up)
7. Fit the low water sensor to the expansion tank
8. Make sure the system is properly bled (many mechanics have no idea how to do this).

Regarding parts, I only use OEM.

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K Series - HGF 7 months 1 week ago #196030

I agree with all that Julianfoulger has said with the exception of the oil rail . I have owned five 'K'  engine cars and only one had a failure. That was a ZR and on that occasion I did replace the oil rail . The TF I now have has the uprated MLS  gasket but I did not replace the rail and have had no issues or problems. I also only use OEM parts . 


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K Series - HGF 7 months 1 week ago #196041

Thanks guys, the knowledge of fixing this is clearly well known and practiced. I was more wondering why Rover let this carry on (e.g. didn't fit a stronger or modified gasket) and what the actual failure was generally caused by other than obvious ones like loss of coolant or use of inadequate fluids?

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K Series - HGF 7 months 1 week ago #196043

MG/Rover knew what needed to be done but  hadn't got the funds to sort the problem out . As soon as the the Chinese took over the 'K' series became the 'N' series with the modifications and the HGF disappeared.  The K series was hailed as great engine when it came out but lack of funds meant that Rover cut corners to try and save money .  You have to know all of the engines little foibles, ie how to bleed the system when you disturb it , checking liner height , ditching the rediculous plastic dowels etc . I  was once asked to look at a ZR with recurring HGF and it ended up being the thermostat that was jammed shut by a strange round object ! After a bit of head scratching it turned out to be the restrictor ball valve that had come out of the 'Saab ' valve in the heater pipework.  If you look after the engine and make sure you repair it correctly,  it fine .
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