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Thanks for the advice/comments 1 week 3 days ago #195865

Today I'm the proud owner of VE51FTF a 2002 TF 135 built on 08/01/02 and registered on 06/02/2002 in Trophy Blue with Sebring Black interior with 25K on the clock (MOT history concurs) and the vin ends 0260 and it is I think in good condition, time will tell.
I took onboard a lot of the advice and feedback given by many of you (Thanks), I paid a bit more than I wanted too but bought the best I could afford as told to do by many on here. The car comes with bits and pieces of history but not a lot, did MG Rover hold records of main dealer servicing I presume they did (warranty claims etc) so who has these now and are they available. Has anyone on here come across this car before any recollections no matter how vague would help me build a history. My sister's doing the family back to 17?? as yet, so a car should be easy, yeah just go on (please tell me it exists).
I drove the car back about 130m this afternoon and the temp gauge stayed just below half way for the entire journey and the steering had good feel and weight even at speed, the suspension is a tad hard but knew it would be. The brakes had good feel but not the bite I expected are they better on certain makes of pad? I will strip and examine the pads and discs, also do the handbrake it's not that good what a surprise! Although a low mileage car it's nearly 20 years old so will check the pipes, flexes and fluid, probably deserves the lot. Whats everyone's opinion on brake pipes is it better to buy a flaring kit and do your own or just measure and have them made up, also whats the best pipe to use.
Last niggle the rim around the binnacle has an annoying rattle, I suspect it's probably a broken plastic tang any one else had this, if i'm correct would a wad of blue tac cure it until I source a replacement.
Thanks again for all your previous and hopefully ongoing help, picture below I hope.


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Thanks for the advice/comments 1 week 3 days ago #195872

On the brakes, it looks as if you have the standard 240mm discs with single piston sliding calipers on the front. An easy upgrade is to fit the 304mm discs with ap 4 pot callipers but you will need 16" wheels, and then only 11 spoke 16s fit without needing spacers.
When I still had the 240 discs I found Ferodo premier pads a good upgrade from standard.
The handbrake mechs on the rear calipers are notorious for seizing up due to water and dirt ingression. The easiest solution is to buy a new pair of calipers.

The entire binnacle tends to come adrift due to snapped fixings, you'll probably find it's the binnacle rather than the rim/ surround. Its not a hard job to fix. If you remove the surround -4 screws, then the instrument pod -4 screws and two electrical plugs,  you can get to the binnacle fixings.
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