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Sill repairs 2 weeks 9 hours ago #195440

Hi all,

Probably not on the right page to post but there is a mass of info on here to look through to get on the right thread. Anyway I digress.........looking for a reputable repairer to sort out my sill on my 96 F. O/S has rust on outside of wing under the vent but no issue on MOT. Would like to have both sides checked and repaired to proper standard and also colour matched. Mine is Hamilton so a bit of a pig when 25 years old. Any recomendations and costs would be greatly appreciated. I am in Twickenham Middlesex so the nearer the better.



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Sill repairs 5 days 4 hours ago #195481

Depends on how deep they'll need to go to find good metal to weld to.
Do you have any pictures?

Colour matching isn't as hard as it once was and a good painter should be able to blend it in.
However, budget could be anything from low 100's to 1000's without seeing the extent of the rust.

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Sill repairs 2 days 9 hours ago #195491

Might be worth asking on local car club pages on Facebook.

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