Is my throttle what you would call "sticky"..?

8 months 4 days ago #192353 by StefanA
Okay, my first question!

I haven't driven my F very much since I got it (repairs needed), but what I instantly noticed is that the throttle pedal is very stubborn, heavy to push down with your foot. On my daily drive (Volvo V70) I just rest my foot on the pedal, revs go up, clutch up and away you go. But on the F revs doesn't go up since I don't press the pedal down and the engine stops...

Made a quick test, jammed the cam open on the throttle body and pedal got very light, so my first thought was that the return spring on the throttle body is too tight, but adjusting that seems a bit strange.

So, is what I experience a sticky throttle? And how do I sort it? Lubricate it somehow? I'd rather not replace the whole thing since it's a LHD and after some searching I found that it's a pig of a job to get the cable loose from the pedal.

Any ideas would be much appreciated!

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8 months 4 days ago #192355 by talkingcars
Disconnect the cable at the throttle body end.

If the peddle is still heavy the problem is either the peddle or the cable.
Otherwise it is the throttle body.


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8 months 4 days ago #192356 by BruceTF135
I have been having a problem similar to that you describe with my 2004 TF 135. I replaced the cable with a new one from Rimmers and it didn't really make any difference. Your suggestion of opening the valve on the throttle body is an interesting one that I will try.

The other symptom I still have, which wasn't cured with the new cable is a sort of overrun when I 'blip' the throttle. See the thread Throttle hesitation and overrun .

One thing you might like to try is looking at the bush/bearing on the throttle pedal. I haven't done this yet but it's on my list to look at. Apparently it is quite common for this to wear and there is a fix explained somewhere (not sure where I'm afraid). The pedal is quite easy to remove with just a couple of nuts and bolts holding it in place (contortionist alert!).

I hope this helps a bit.


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7 months 4 weeks ago #192368 by SundanceUK
I had a similar issue on my old TF 135 a few years ago, to the excess of the accelerator cable actually sticking with the pedal on full press!
It was due to the ambient temperature and I found that water ingress was freezing up the cable on the inside. With temperatures over 3 degrees and once the car had warmed up, everything was ok.
May be time for a new accelerator cable......


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