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8 months 1 week ago #192335 by NikTheGeek
I looked around facebook before pricing my TF for sale. I should have looked on Autotrader as I clearly under priced it. When I got my 2004 TF 4.5 years ago, the guy wanted £1,175 for it and I did the whole cash in hand, I'll take it now and walking away bit and got it for a grand. A steal and I've loved the 4.5 years of ownership. A change in location and difficulty parking meant it had to go, so I advertised it at £1300 with a view to dropping to £1200.

Then, as per my other thread, my neighbour reversed in to it. So I decided whilst getting quotes to fix it, that I'd drop the price to a grand to see if anyone wanted it as it was. And it sold immediately. I've been paid and it gets collected tomorrow. And the neighbour makes up the difference in price.

So I've made £200 on a car I've done nothing to and had nearly 5 years of fun in it. So the point of this post was to ask if anyone else has noticed that prices are rising?

In hindsight, I wish I had just left it in my parents garage for several years until the kids left home and we'd moved to a place with more parking. It might well have been worth £7k by then!! I'll be sad to see it go. But not so sad when I'm riding the jetski that replaces it :)

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