340 camshaft position sensor fault

1 month 4 days ago #192328 by Harry
I am a newbie to F’s having bought a Steppie only in October last year. My previous ‘old’ cars have been Aussie GM machines and a 1929 Graham Paige.
I am therefore all at sea with ECU vehicles. At least I was as I am learning fast thanks in no small part to the links on this forum.
My Steppie was taken on a run of 5000 km soon after purchase. Went really well until the end 200m of a 60km thrashing down a wonderful twisting stretch in northern New South Wales (since burnt)
I thought I had broken the gearbox with coughing and spluttering and lack of power. Fortunately I was at the bottom of the hill and able to nurse the car along the straight stretches through the valley toward the coast. It got better and after I stopped to consult a map it started OK and only played up occasionally over the next few days. A free diagnostic on a workshop grade non Rover specific reader indicated multiple misfires and I was advised probably a fuel filter. This was consistent with the thrashing down the hill having stirred up crap in the petrol tank.
MG parts are not thick on the ground in northern NSW so I had to nurse the car home 2500km with an intermittent problem usually cured by a stop and restart and usually brought on by planting the foot to pass on the expressway.
Back home and new fuel filter did not solve the problem. Cheap OBD2 reader arrives and connected to Dash Command ap. Indicates 340 cam position sensor fault and random misfires. New sensor doesn’t solve problem. One thread indicates ignition as possible cause as cam position sensor is not a critical or even noticeable fault on its own. New plug leads and coil pack installed.
After all the above the problem has considerably lessened and it is now possible to drive 240 km with perfect smoothness. Still have cam position sensor fault showing up despite clearing and fitting new sensor
Wanted better performance from engine so Kmaps fitted. Much nicer running when gremlin not present but it still rears it’s ugly head every couple of days. Stopping and restart usually fixes this. Sometimes has to be done twice. STILL GET CAM POSITION SENSOR FAULT on bank A
Now have new crank position sensor from Rimmers.
Will fit on the 29th and let you know the result.
I think the crank position sensor is one of a number of contributing factors to my gremlin. The magnetic Hall effect sensors are degraded by heat and being an aluminium block the crank sensor would get hot quickly compared to being located in a similar position in a cast iron block.
I’ll let you know how I get on.
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1 month 3 days ago #192336 by talkingcars
I would be plugging in my www.pscan.uk to read live data to see what is going on.

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