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mgtfbluestreak wrote: Fitted the wheel dollies or roller skates as I call them to push the car has close to the garage wall has is a doddle to move the mg about once the dollies are fitted..and the garage is useble again for other tasks without moving the car outside...the tf is a very light car and the dollies are not stressed at all..I used to move series land rovers around the workshop on was like dancing on Ice...the dollies are wide enough for you to position them sticking out proud so the dolly touches the wall before your car does...

I have a set of these same dollies, they work great on the F's and the Spitfire. I think I have had them for around 10 years now.

95 MGF
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1 month 1 week ago #192289 by mgtfbluestreak
Started to fit a tread. Plate to dolly 1

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