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New instrument cowl 3 years 9 months ago #181364

My cowl over the instruments split a long time ago but recently the 3 tabs at the front broke so it made a lot of noise on rough roads as every thing crashed about. Replacing a cowl is normally a dash out job as the tabs are screwed in from the inside of the heater ducts. However, Paul Goldsmith of Jakabi Design has just launched a new cowl that doesn't require you to remove the dashboard and I've just fitted one. He's made a short video showing 'how-to' although this does miss out a few steps.

Here is my old cowl on the left with the Jakabi cowl on the right:

The Jakabi cowl is made of fibre glass in 2 parts. All the original numbers are moulded in!

The clever bit is the 3 rods that fit in to the holes left when you have removed the original screws.

Here it is fitted. It's very solid and all the crashing over bumps has gone.

The finish is slight different to the original but hard to notice once it's in place. Rather than having inserts for screws (which is where most cowls crack), it just has holes for the self tappers and these are much smaller and it's a thicker lay-up too so I'd be very surprised if they cracked.

The only tricky bit is removing the old fittings that held the tabs. I used a very fine grip to hold the screw tips while I unscrewed the speed clips until there was little thread left in when they are easy to prise off. The screws then push in to the heating duct and you can retrieve them by removing the centre vent then using a bendy magnet stick - I use a magnet on the end of a steel tape. When you fit the new cowl you need to have a shallow angle so the 3 pins all line up.

It's £62 delivered. Worth it from my point of view to lose the thump/crashes.

Website here:

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New instrument cowl 3 years 9 months ago #181372

I just put a nut and bolt through the top of mine and sprayed the bolt black solid as a rock and saved me a few pounds.

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