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Compliance bushes 2 weeks 1 hour ago #200009

followed your notes on the TF compliance washers but found I had to make mine to fit over the central bush post ( picture attached).
I raised the back of the trailing arm( compliance bush end) using a wooden block and a jack.
This allowed me to fit the 2 compliance washers between the bush centre ( as photo) and the end of the trailing arm ,I noticed that the trailing arm has a rectangular washer ( think its called a snubber washer) attached to it so the new compliance washer needs to fit in the way my photo shows.
Incidentally , my O/S compliance bush was devoid of rubber isolating material on its top end and was clanging and knocking all the time but now is quiet.
I did do the opposite side while having the car up on stands and there was more rubber isolation on the N/S bush hence it wasn't knocking.
I will be doing further driving checks in the coming months to see if stability is affected but I don't think it will be.



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