MG TF - Installing new Driver's Door Handle

1 year 3 months ago #190027 by Bucaneer1

Does anyone have any experience of installing a replacement driver's door handle on a 2004 MG TF ? I have removed the front bolt from the inside of the door.However the rear bolt is proving extremely resistant to say the least. Spent an hour this afternoon trying the release it. Recommended procedure is to use a 8 mm Socket Head with an extension. However head of screwnut is extremely difficult to see even using the torch on my iPhone. Even applying what my Mum would have called elbow grease it remained stubbornly in place. MG Workshop described it as " an agressive self-tapping screw " - not exactly what I wanted to hear !

Any suggestions ? I suspect I need a T Handle Long Shank Shaft which takes an 8 mm Socket Head but despite trying to adapt my three sockets sets including the extensions I have not found the solution.

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1 year 3 months ago #190029 by sworkscooper
I can't really give you any advice as you have given yourself the answer, you need a 1/4 drive socket and extension . The screw is just a self tapping type and as it is going into a plastic handle , it should be easily removed. I didn't have this problem when I took my handle out last year . The other problem you will face is removing the handle from the door. You have to remove the U shaped clip that holds the lock to the handle so the handle will clear the door panel. The clip just slides out from the handle but it can be difficult to see it , especially if you are using an i phone torch!

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1 year 3 months ago - 1 year 3 months ago #190039 by Cobber
The 1/4" drive extension you want is of the "wobble bar" ball end type.

It will allow you to reach the screw from an indirect alignment.

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1 year 3 months ago #190049 by talkingcars
Try tightening before undoing, sometimes that is enough to get it going.

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