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Replacing Vauxhall Astra Brakes. 10 years 8 months ago #43905

Non MG work that may be beneficial to other members.

My wifes' Vauxhall Astra needed the rear brake pads doing and my astra needed the front discs doing as they where shot.
So here's a little 'how to' on replacing brake parts and what to look out for -

Jack the car up safely and preferably use axle stands.

It should look like this -

Remove the caliper by undoing the 2 sliding pins, then remove the caliper. Ensure it's supported and does not pull on the brake line

Use the 'wind back tool' to push the piston back in -

Next, clean all the areas and get as much brake dust off as possible. I also 'Emery clothed' the faces where the pads sit. Ensure the pads move nicely along the holder. Smear a small amount of copper grease on the faces to stop the pads from sticking in one position.

Also grease the sliding pins -

I decided to use 'EBC GREEN' pads with BREMBO max discs -

When fitting new discs ensure that they run true. I used a DTI or you could use a straight edge. Turn the disc and see if there is any 'run out'. If there is, then either the disc is not straight or the flange has dirt / rust on it. Ensure every thing is clean on reassembly.

Fitted and upgraded to 308mm from 280mm.

The old discs where worn down to the minimum limit and due to the fact the car had been stood for a while the discs never cleaned up. Here are a few photos of discs that are well past their safe use. You can see the outer edge has corroded. The pads where worn away at that part nearly down to the metal.

This is the worst as the face of the disc has deteriorated to the point that there are bits of the face missing -
mad about cars and bikes :)
if it aint broke dont fix it :)
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Re: Replacing Vauxhall Astra Brakes. 10 years 8 months ago #44223

New edition to the 'how to guides' area. Click click. :)

If you're currently a member and don't yet have an MG, are in between MG's, or have sold off your MG, then let's see what you're up to with your other cars please. In fact, how's about some other pictorial or video guides on other stuff while we're at it. It can't hurt us to look, now that we have the right place to put things. :)

PS. We still love MG's the most and they get pride of place of course. So, don't go too crazy and please use the sections provided for such posts. ;)
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