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Alloy Door Pins - How to fit. 13 years 1 month ago #1006

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Added my next bit of bling today! They took 1 hour and 20 minutes to fit because my Dad and I encountered some difficulties!

Thanks to Kara for the 'How To' on how to remove the door cards It was dead easy!

Remove the two screws in the coin holder:

Then one screw behind the handle:

Open the door wide and undo the screw on the inner edge:

Then finally the two screws on the outer edge of the door:

Gently take the door card off:

The existing door pin:

This was the easy bit! Then Dad was called.

Cut the existing door pin off, as it is moulded on:

No way was I going to risk cutting myself!

Then your left with the bare rod:

It was all going well up till now when we had to fit the new alloy pins!
The diameter of the pins was not large enough to fit round the existing door rod. Dad didn't have the correct drill bit to drill inside the new alloy pin, so we had to file the rod down:

Eventually both the new pins fitted and then we had the job of putting the door cards back on!

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Re: Alloy Door Pins - How to fit. 10 years 3 months ago #63951

Done this job now thanks. Found the hardest bit was cutting off the old black plastic the end I hack sawed down until I found the rod and removed the plastic top end then I used a dremel style tool with a cutting disk to make 3 vertical cuts in the rest of the plastic which then peeled off like a banana skin. Best to do this job with the window down. I then put some black tape around the rod to give my universal (£3.20) allow pins a bit more grip...the pins go on after the card is refitted as they are bigger than the hole (one reason not to superglue them in case you need to remove the trim again).

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