Interior lights - How to fit leds.

11 years 1 month ago - 8 years 6 months ago #1005 by SamLuck
Here's how to fit LEDs to the F/TF.

First I purchased these LEDs for the interior mirror: (501s)

501 LED Bulbs

And Festoons for the footwell lights: (Between 36mm-39mm should fit)

Festoon LED Bulbs

I started by dismantling the interior mirror. You just simply prise the cover off. Be careful not to break the clips! (You don't have to take the mirror apart, you can just unclip the two little plastic windows/covers.)

And then the mirror comes out:

So this is what's inside: (I have already popped the LEDs in this photo)

The lights easily pull out and you just push your new LEDs in. Simple!

Then you just put the mirror back together. Easy as that!

Then I moved onto the footwell lights!

Gently prised the light out. I've been told you can also access the lights from behind if you unscrew the whole panel:

This is what's inside:

Pull out that light and replace with LED:

Replace light

Results (Sorry for quality of these photos)

Voila! I have blue edged carpets inside, which you can't see, but it looks great together!
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1 year 4 months ago #190971 by Fil6909
Hi any help on mirror lights /bulbs .. it would appear that my bulb holder in the mirror has become un attached to whatever held it there & fear I need to open up the mirror casing to refix ! any guides ? thanks in anticipation .

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