Steptronic fluid change

8 months 1 week ago #192297 by Harry
I recently changed my fluid and I have some advice and a question.

Firstly the advice. I noticed on the T-Bar that refilling down the dipstick tube was slow and sometimes tedious. I got some clear plastic tube that was slightly bigger than the OD of the dipstick tube and made up to a tight fit by wrapping insulating tape around the dipstick tube to suit.

To solve the slow fill problem I then placed a 3mm stiff plastic pot plant micro irrigation hose through the larger clear plastic hose and down into the top of the gearbox.

I then taped this smaller tube to the funnel on the end of the main clear plastic tube to keep it from falling further into the gearbox.

As the refilling commenced there was a strong rush of air out of the small tube and I could squeeze the contents of each 1 litre refill bottle quickly with no glugging up the clear plastic tube.

Hope this is of some assistance
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8 months 1 week ago #192300 by talkingcars
A useful guide.

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