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  • As may be gathered MGB281 has had great experience with tyres & alignment. He has illustrated graphically how important this can be & has uncovered errors in the alignment information used by the larger companies.
    On the back of this I did some reading up found several references to the “string method”
    Basically you create an accurate “box” around the car & from that measurement are taken.
    Anyone who has looked at my posts will have gathered that I can be obsessive about things & so I “boxed” the car using lasers mirrors & prisms.
    The car was placed on skid plates, levelled & by using the front O/S wheel as datum, which was tested with the appropriate MGf info (it was within a midges dick) I set the laser up & measured.
    There was nothing to worry about in the findings, it just took all bloody day, which was fine if you have a day to spare & another making all the bits to do the job.
    Tempting providence I’ll attach a picture of the gear; I didn’t take any pictures of the operation.
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