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  • Without the benefit of the multimeter method on the 6 wire sensor I came up with a variation that makes the trial and error method easier.

    Seperate the steering column UJ at the foot of the column. Theres just a single pinch bolt and and you can just retract the bottom part of the column a bit as it's telescopic.

    Get 2 LEDs. ( I used some that were made for warning lights that had inline resistors. ) Wire the LEDs in parallel back to back but the opposite polarity from each other so that whichever way voltage is applied one of the LEDs will light up. ( you can check this on a 9v battery if you have one)
    When you have the LEDs wired back to back like this you need to push the two wires into the larger if the EPAS connectors. Push one in with the heavy Brown/ Red wire and the other in with the Brown/ Blue wire.
    Turn on the ignition and start the engine. If the setup is correct then neither LED should light and turning the wheel should flas one LED with the same amount of force in either direction. Adjust the sensor until this is a achieved and then tighten the torx screws on the sensor. Refil the slots with gunge as has been recommended.

    Reattach the universal joint, it only will fit one way so turn the wheel til it slides onto the splined shaft. Push the UJ downwards onto the spline so you can refit the pinch bolt. Double check this has been done correctly.
    The car should now drive without any bias right or left from the EPAS.
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