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  • The 6 wire sensor seems to be more plentiful than the 4 wire ones. Im assuming the 4 wire type came along part way through the TF run as all the circuit diagrams i have found so far show the 6 wire type.

    colour at sensor --- Colour in the loom
    Red --- Orange [O]
    Green --- Orange / Blue [OU]
    Black --- Orange / Yellow [OY]
    Blue --- Orange/ White [OW] ***
    Yellow --- White [W]
    White --- Blue/ Green [UG] ***

    According to Dieter's site those two sensor wires marked *** are in the loom but not used. (I have not yet verified this on a bench test but will do so and report back)

    Check the model of EPAS ECU you have, there were 4 types fitted to UK built cars.

    YWC103771 - very earliest, few were fitted.
    YWC103773 - early MGFs, silver casing. Fitted upto VIN XD511058
    YWC106740 - black case Fitted from VIN YD511059 upto 2D600100
    YWC000720 colour not described MGG TF from VIN 2D600101 onwards

    If the model number of the ECU in your car happens to match that of the ECU that came with the adjustable column then there is definitely no need to swap them over.
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