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  • GreenComet created a new forum post in MGF/TF Pitstop
    Hi everyone,

    I recently picked up a tidy TF. I absolutely love driving it, however one thing I didn't spot until washing it was some corrosion on all four corners (front sills rear sills and wheelarch area).

    I'm in a bit of a dilemma as I paid fairly strong money (£5k) thinking I was picking up a near perfect TF, only to discover the issue. The rust feels like surface rust, and there are many other good things about the car.

    Does anyone have an estimate of how much this sort of thing would cost to fix? Whilst I really like the car, would it be more economical to move it on, take it on the chin, and conduct my search again? Or should I have been expecting at least some issues on such an age of car? I'm not sure what's right and wrong!

    It's annoying as I've saved for a few years for the car. On a happier note, it's utterly brilliant to drive. It feels so much faster than it actually is, and never has 40mph been so much fun.

    Many thanks
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