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  • You have to have the controller configured for dual airbags. There have been variations within this discussion over the years, some arguing that it’s a pointless exercise & might even be counterproductive; I couldn’t follow this line.
    One line that is followable is that all the SRS equipment is time expired, but I suspect it’s a better bet to have something that could we’ll work to protect you & your passenger than have absolutely no possibility. Nothing.
    From this you might have gathered that I have fitted & configured the system but it wasn’t without problems.
    There were genuine & brand new MG airbag modules available a while ago, they were being sold from an unlikely source who didn’t seem to be aware of what they had & priced them at flog off rates, I bought two. The controller module was a frustration from beginning to the projects conclusion when the SRS light went out & stayed out.
    Part numbers didn’t correspond to units supplied & had to be returned, suppliers claiming that they had enabled the second airbag. Obviously I complains & was refunded & told not to bother returning the unit, I now have several of these so if you want one pop around you can take your pick.
    Eventually I did what I should have done in the first place & that was to speak to Darren at ‘Bitz, a couple of days later & after what felt like dragging a granite bolder up a hill, it all worked.
    So yes all the connectors are there & you can plug it up & there is an outside possibility of your controller recognising the airbag & reporting A OK but it’s a slim chance, very slim.
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