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  • djkeenan created a new forum post in MGF/TF Pitstop
    After swearing off the car and calling the scrap man I've laid awake at night wondering what could cause my MGF to not start. Today, curiosity got the the better of me and I've started troubleshooting once again. The issue is the car would start from cold but wouldn't start from warm i.e. I'd drive for 5 minutes, turn off engine then attempt to turn engine back on and the car will crank but wont start at all. This issue has progressed to fully dead i.e. I can crank it but it wont ever start from cold. I've taken the fuel pump inspection lid off and had a listen while someone cranks the engine and I cant hear squat. Current theory is the fuel pump (done less than 1000 miles) has died.

    Tried testing the electrical wiring to the pump using info from the second post of this thread:

    Tested the the white and purple wire and i'm getting about 12v for about 2 seconds when the key is in the ignition position. Getting 6v over the green wire when in the ignition position and when cranking the ignition which I think is also acceptable.

    Tried testing with the inertia switch disconnected and i get no voltage across the white and purple wire but still get 6v over the green wire even though the inertia switch is disconnected. Also Tried bypassing inertia switch (copper wire over the pins) but get the same readings so I don't think the inertia switch is faulty.

    P.S. I've tested the sparks on the exhaust manifold, got a good shock up my arm from through the HT rubber sleeve from being so reckless.
    P.P.S Exact model is an MG F 1.8 non VCC from 2001.

    As always thanks so much for reading this. Random support from strangers on the internet always makes my day.
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