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  • Mgtf04 created a new forum post in MGF/TF Pitstop
    Hi all

    I have recently attempted to repair the Pektron CL relay and after successfully fitting a new one the CL remains dead. This car has had upgraded CL fitted to the doors by myself as it’s a 2004 115 . The wiring harness is compatible but assume that the Pektron now needs the CL activating…. To this end…..

    I have given up on this route and want to keep costs down and will be fitting a cheap aftermarket CL kit instead.
    This comes with the key fobs and wiring. I’m aware I’ll effectively have two fobs one for the immobiliser and one for CL but have no issues with this as the addition of CL is batter than the extra lump in me pants ( pardon me…)

    My question is: the drivers door has two connectors. A six pin with six wires and a two pin with two wires.
    Which of these connectors or wires go to the solenoid?
    Is there a decent wiring diagram about for this area of the car?

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