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  • Yeah I'll probably end up replacing the O2 sensor again eventually - for now I don't think it's that just because I replaced it last November and the code came back a month later..not going to lie, the symptoms do definitely fit that though.

    Base idle speed seems ok to me, and I've just cleaned the air filter, (test drive coming up on Monday)

    Next thing I want to check are the spark plugs, and ignition coils (my bet is on the ignition system to be honest)
    So I took the cover off the engine thinking I'd know exactly what go expect from various videos etc and I was surprised to see this:


    Can someone shed some light on this for me? I was expecting to see 4 'holes' for spark plugs etc but I'm seeing two at best and it just generally looks very different, or maybe not? 

    Didn't want to start messing about without knowing as I don't want to add issues 

    Thanks as always guys, appreciate everyone's time.
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