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  • markymark created a new forum post in EV Conversions
    Hi Everyone,

    I'm from Australia (Geelong Victoria), I have owned my MG-F since new in 1999, back in 2015 the motor died and I decided instead of sending it to scrap yard or selling with a blown motor I would try to convert to 100% electric, lucky I found a local group of EV enthusiasts who helped me with advise and help, I did not have any engineering or electrical background before diving into this project, but happy to report my MG has couple thousand KM's on it now as Electric and it drives amazing well... very zippy 

    Battery: Nissan Leaf battery pack, salvaged from Japan wreck
    Motor: Siemens Azure AC induction 3 Phase, capable of 150kw, 300Nm torque

    I have some progress photos on my website below + specs, if anyone has any questions, happy to answer.


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